Abyssinia Gift Shop – the map


This is the first map made by Akio about the Habesha’s landmarks in Bologna.

The Abyssinia Gift Shop was a very important place for our documentary. We could meet there the youngest Ethiopians in town, just arrived from their long and suffered trip.

Yoseph Girma, the owner, danced for us. He’s great, he performed a traditional Ethiopian dance: you have to shake your shoulders holding still your arms and watching left and right with the head. You have to be springy just like on a jumping net.

I saw him dancing and, as it always happens to me in this situations, I was spellbound: I would love to shoot a sequel of Bello Essere Habesha, I think of it as a docu-musical, because dancing is the interruption of life, that’s why it is really alive.

CONSIGLIO PER GLI AVVENTORI BOLOGNESI: andate a visitare l’Abyssinia Gift Shop e chiedete di Yoseph Girma, saprà indicarvi tutte le cose più interessanti che offre e magari darvi qualche dritta per cucinare la farina di ceci, il cosiddetto “shiro”, che vende lì. È deliziosa.


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