Acknowledgement / Ringraziamenti

Here we are, together again, Bologna. The three gathered for the first communitarian presentation of Bello essere Habesha. Most of those who came are Ethiopians and Eritreans, protagonists included.

The caffè/bunna is being made, Ruth is dressed according to the ritual. Its scent is mixed up with incense, the film goes on. Attentive eyes, laughing when we did not expect to, recognizing some silences.

Why did we choose to work with Ethiopians and Eritreans? What is the purpose of studying Bologna and the presence of this communities in the city? In which ways are they connected and feel about Italy? Why did we think of a storyboard and presented another? When may research be disclosed? How may we self-produce a film?

People asked and presented themselves and some projects, sharing ideas and hopes for the future. XM24, a social center particularly active on proposing initiatives against the social exclusion of immigrants, invited us. This was the first presentation.

We wanted people to gather and share it. No cinema, no special settings; sharing, re-creating and bringing light into new possible routs.

We would like to thank every person that came to XM24 on this special day, our Ethiopian and Eritrean friends and everyone that participated with attention, curiosity, open mind and willing to understand. Our particular acknowledgement to Ruth, Yoseph, Dereje and Awet, as also to the people who signed and left encouraging messages on our events’ book. Thank you Chiara and everybody from XM24 for helping us make this evening possible. We would finally thank everyone who contributed to this and further projects of our team: we gathered a gift of 47€. And, finally, thanks to Kidane who offered us a delicious lunch last Friday.

Thank you,
Akio Takemoto, Enrico Turci and Inês Vieira



Quadernino composizione


composizione xm


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