Akio takemoto  CV  Portfolio: videophoto

Akio Takemoto was born in Carrara (Italy) the 24th of June, 1987. He is half Italian and half Japanese. After attending Classical Studies in High School, in 2009 he completed the BA on Communication Sciences (Università di Bologna) and in 2012 he finished the MA on Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production (Università di Bologna).

While attending university he started developing passion and skills for filmmaking and photography, journalism and participatory cultures, theatre and art in general.

Enrico Turci     video/photo/mirabilia pages

Enrico Turci was born in Forlì (Italy) in 1987. He’s smart and handsome, twice a week.

Scientific education at High School; BA on Philosophy in 2009 (Università di Bologna); MA on Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production in 2012 (Università di Bologna).

He met in Bologna Akio Takemoto, with whom he shares his passion for cinema, photography, communications, arts and hyperboles. He worked and experienced in archives and restoration at the Cineteca di Bologna in 2012. The same year he started learning to act with a theatre company, he attended a course in Communication and he met Inês Vieira, with whom he shares his passion for Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ines Vieira

Inês Vieira was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1986. She is graduated on childhood education (Polytechnic Institute of Porto, 2008) and during the Erasmus project at the University of Bologna (2006/2007) she began to work with immigrant children and families. She worked as technical secretary and young researcher at CesNova (Centre of Sociological Studies, New University of Lisbon, 2009-2011) on the issues of youth education, citizenship and environmental attitudes. In this period she collaborated in the edition of the Forum Sociológico scientific review and has been lecturer on environmental sociology (Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon). She returned to the migratory field with the Master (2010) and PhD (ongoing) projects, which focus on the migration–environment nexus, with a human ecology approach.

This PhD project is financed by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (SFRH/BD/68730/2010). It is aimed to explore the interplay of environmental factors with other factors that motivate and characterize the migratory paths from African water-pressured countries (Ethiopia and Eritrea; Cape Verde) to Southern Europe (Italy; Portugal). The Italian empirical chapter was held in Bologna (Department of Education, University of Bologna) from March to August 2012. The ethnographic work with the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities gave room to this documentary.

 Inês cannot understand even the easiest tools on thinking or presenting something through images, so Akio and Enrico had to work a lot for this picture. She also feels bad about making the “elder, responsible and worker” role in the team, but, after endless chatters with Akio and Enrico, this seems to be inevitable – those two guys work a lot and their artistic substance is too strong, so never mind our tremendously different presentations.





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